Harmonics – a costly problem easily solved


Harmonic distortion, which generally results from nonlinear loads in the power system, poses one of the greatest threats to power quality in the sector. The level of harmonic distortion in the supply network is on the increase, and this higher level of distortion can cause malfunctions in equipment connected to the supply. Harmonics reduce reliability, increase downtime, affect product quality, increase operating costs and lead to lower productivity.

Danfoss have solutions that allow you to connect large loads to your supply without fear of creating an unacceptable distortion level. Under certain conditions, our solutions can actually ‘eat’ existing harmonics and thus improve the general situation.


IEEE 519 - Recommended Practices for Harmonic Control

IEEE STD 519-2014 is a mandatory standard required by IEEE for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems. This describes the clear responsibilities of utility companies and customers at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) on harmonic limits. Apart from harmonic limits, IEEE 519-2014 highlights how Harmonic measurements to be made.

Read the article to know more about IEEE STD 519


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Webinar: Harmonics and its mitigation techniques

Led by Paramasivam Shanmugam, Senior Manager-Power Electronics & Controls with Danfoss Drives, our webinar will provide an understanding of what harmonics are in electrical system and how VFDs helps to improve energy saving by mitigating harmonics.

Danfoss harmonic calculation software



Danfoss harmonic calculation software enables you to easily calculate the harmonic loads of the mains voltage with a free choice of the mains configuration. For basic plant configuration, click below. For more complex plant configuration, contact your local Danfoss office.



Maximize energy efficiency by mitigating harmonics

Danfoss Drives’ wide range of mitigation solutions can provide support to restore weak networks, increase network capacity, meet compact retrofit demands and secure sensitive environments. Read more about our solutions for harmonics mitigation in the brochure.

Danfoss solutions for harmonic mitigation