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Why PICVs are the best choice control valves in HVAC systems

A buildings’ HVAC system is designed according geographical determined 'worst case' climate conditions. In practice these most demanding conditions seldom occur. As result, the HVAC system operates in partial load conditions most of the time. Achieving hydronic balance while the flow in the system constantly fluctuates requires a dynamic balancing solution. PICVs not only dynamically balance the system. Once equipped with an actuator they also control the flow, allowing more or less water through terminal units to provide rooms with correspondingly more or less heating or cooling.

The main benefit of PICVs:

  • 2 functions combined in 1 product
  • Accurate control and 100% valve authority
  • Easier to design and commission
  • Increased HVAC energy-efficiency

Besides these main benefits there are also complementary benefits:

  • Longer lifetime of the actuators, reducing the operational costs
  • Increased comfort and less complaints
  • Increased efficiency of boilers and/or chillers

AB-QM 4.0

We created PICVs now we redefine the value

Danfoss AB-QM 4.0 is the enabler for HVAC 4.0 in smart buildings. It is a completely new designed Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) for terminal units such as fan coil units, chilled beams, and climate panels. It still features the unique AB-QM 100% valve authority for best-in-class control performance. But we have redefined the value in four different areas:

HVAC 4.0

Danfoss AB-QM 4.0 PICV with NovoCon digital actuator

Danfoss is engineering HVAC 4.0 for smart buildings. The combination of AB-QM 4.0 and NovoCon® S actuators is a good example of the increasing digitalization in HVAC. The combination does not only establish high precision, dynamic, hydronic balancing and control. The digital actuators provide BMS with real-time HVAC data to enable Active Energy Management (AEM). Digital valve control via fieldbus also offers advantages in remote commissioning, flow setting and flushing. Continuous logging of all system data enables predictive maintenance and energy allocation. And automatically generated alarm messages support fast and accurate troubleshooting. By using smart and connected products and services, such as AB-QM 4.0 and NovoCon S, the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings is being optimized.

For more information, please visit the NovoCon page.


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  • if (isSmallPicture) { AB-QM 4.0 Flexo; } else if (isBigColumns) { AB-QM 4.0 Flexo } else { AB-QM 4.0 Flexo }
    Danfoss представя новия AB-QM 4.0 Flexo
    вторник, 3 май 2022 г.

    Danfoss разширява продуктовото си портфолио в сферата на независимите от налягане решения при системи с ОВК приложения, с новите AB-QM 4.0 Flexo комплекти.


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