Les options d'alimentation sont conçues pour assurer la meilleure fiabilité et efficacité possibles pour les variateurs de fréquence dans les configurations de système où une grande attention est accordée à la qualité de l'alimentation.

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VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF 005 and AHF 010
  • Optimized harmonic performance for VLT® drives rated up to 250 kW
  • A patented technique reduces THD levels in the mains network to less than 5–10%
  • Perfect match for industrial automation, highly dynamic applications and safety installations
  • Line voltage and filter current:
    • 3 x 380/400/500/600/690 V...10-480 A*
      * Achieve higher ratings by connecting in parallel. See AHF 005 or AHF 010 Design Guide for details.
  • Enclosure ratings:
    • IP20 (An IP21/NEMA 1 upgrade kit is available)
VLT® Sine-wave Filter MCC 101
  • VLT® Sine-wave Filters are positioned between the AC drive and the motor to provide a sinusoidal phase-to-phase motor voltage
  • Reduces motor insulation stress
  • Reduces acoustic noise from the motor
  • Reduces bearing currents (especially in large motors)
  • Reduces losses in the motor
  • Prolongs service lifetime
  • VLT® FC series family look
  • Line voltage and filter current:
    • 3 x 200 – 690 V, 2.5 – 800 A*
      * For higher power ratings, combine multiple modules.
  • Enclosure ratings:
    • IP00 and IP20 wall-mounted enclosures rated up to 75 A (500 V) or 45 A (690 V)
    • IP23 floor-mounted enclosures rated 115 A (500 V) or 76 A (690 V) or more
    • IP54 both wall-mounted and floor-mounted enscloures rated up to 4.5 A, 10 A, 22 A (690 V)
VLT® dU/dt Filter MCC 102
  • Reduces the dU/dt values on the motor terminal phase-to-phase voltage
  • Positioned between the AC drive and the motor to eliminate very fast voltage changes
  • The motor terminal phase-to-phase voltage is still pulse shaped but its dU/dt values are reduced
  • Reduces stress on the motor’s insulation and are recommended in applications with older motors, aggressive environments or frequent braking which cause increased DC link voltage
  • VLT® FC series family look
  • Line voltage and filter current:
    • 3 x 200 – 690 V ... 15-880 A*
      * For higher power ratings, combine multiple modules.
  • Enclosure ratings:
    • IP00 and IP20/IP23 enclosure in the entire power range
    • IP54 enclosure available up to 177 A
VLT® Common Mode Filter MCC 105
  • Positioned between the AC drive and the motor
  • They are nano-crystalline cores that mitigate high frequency noise in the motor cable (shielded or unshielded) and reduce bearing currents in the motor
  • Extends motor bearing lifetime
  • Can be combined with dU/dt and sine-wave filters
  • Reduces radiated emissions from the motor cable
  • Reduces electromagnetic interference
  • Easy to install – no adjustments necessary
  • Oval shaped – allows mounting inside the frequency converter enclosure or motor terminal box
  • Line voltage and filter current:

    • 3 x 380-690 V........... 10-480 A
VLT® Brake Resistor MCE 101
  • Energy generated during braking is absorbed by the resistors, protecting electrical components from heating up
  • Optimized for the FC-series and general versions for horizontal and vertical motion are available
  • Built-in thermo switch
  • Versions for vertical and horizontal mounting
  • A selection of the vertically mounted units are UL-recognized
  • Power range:
    • Precision electrical match to each individual VLT® drive power size for FC 102, FC 202, FC 301 and FC 302
  • Enclosure ratings:
    • IP20
    • IP21
    • IP54
    • IP65
VLT® Line Reactor MCC 103
  • Ensures current balance in load-sharing applications, where the DC-side of the rectifier of multiple drives is connected together
  • UL-recognized for applications using load sharing
  • When planning load-sharing applications, pay special attention to different enclosure type combinations and inrush concepts
  • For technical advice regarding load-sharing applications, contact Danfoss application support
  • Compatible with:
    • VLT® AutomationDrive, VLT® AQUA Drive and VLT® HVAC Drive
    • 50 Hz or 60 Hz mains supply