Engineering a cool supermarket with Danfoss technology

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

As part of the luxury shopping mall Paseo La Galeria, Danfoss has supplied a refrigeration control system for the supermarket “Superspies”, and systems management for better energy efficiency in the food refrigeration application.

For this installation, Danfoss has been working with the EU Engineer, engineering consultant, as well as the OEMs associated to the projects to customize a system focusing on energy efficiency, reliability and food quality. The first installations in the supermarket chain were made two years ago, and the most recent opened in autumn 2016. More supermarkets are in the pipeline to be commissioned and opened.

Danfoss has supplied mechanical controls, which include gas detectors for the system, and a total system management (ADAP-KOOL) for better energy efficiency and temperature trace ability in the food refrigeration application.

And for the store owners a reliable system is the number one priority:
“The application of the refrigeration system in the supermarkets is very complex. Food needs stable temperatures to remain fresh and fit for consumption, having a reliable and robust system for proper operation for many years is a mandatory requirement in this segment. Danfoss supplied high quality components, as well as, commercial and technical support,” says Rodrigo Arias, Engineer and Technical Manager for Stores and Projects, Retail S. A (Supermercados Superseis, Stock y España Grupo Vierci), & ASHRAE Paraguay Chapter President Elect.

Energy efficiency is high on the agenda in Paraguay, investments in infrastructure and buildings are being made. The supermarket chain is expected to continue growth and consolidate its position in Paraguay as the main retail chain, strengthening its technological development focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Their current focus is on the new trends to work with low refrigerant load systems, and secondary fluids.

“The main reason to use secondary coolants (a solution of propylenglycol in medium temperature) is to reduce refrigerants leaks. To reduce refrigerant charge in low temperatures we have used condensing units in cascade with glycol systems. In this way the pipes containing refrigerant have been reduced to less than 40 meters, reducing the risk of leakages,” says Prof. Ing. Roberto R. Aguiló, President of AAF (Association Argentina del Frio), President ASHRAE Paraguay Chapter, ASHRAE Fellow, involved as the engineer consultant leading the project.

The investment in this particular project, including the supermarket, shopping mall and buildings is worth 220 million US Dollars. Danfoss’ presence in the region was a defining factor.

“The strong presence of Danfoss in the region, as well as a complete portfolio makes it possible to trust everything needed to a single provider, as well as the undisputed support of the brand globally. In countries like Paraguay, where suppliers are from abroad, it is good to know that Danfoss will always be present, regardless of the origin of the equipment purchased,” says Rodrigo Arias.

Javier Alejandro Korenko Chmielewski, Sales Manager for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, is also Treasurer of AAF (Asociacion Argentina del Frio), and ASHRAE Paraguay Chapter Treasurer.

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