Asia Pacific's Sustainable Cold Chain Insights​

Sustainable solutions enabling Asia’s food security

Developed in partnership with Danfoss and Eco-Business, "Asia Pacific's Sustainable Cold Chain Insights" delves into the region's cold chain landscape, revealing viable solutions that benefit commerce, communities, and the climate. This comprehensive report sheds light on the significant growth of the cold chain industry in Asia Pacific - projected to rise by 11% by 2025. However, the region faces challenges due to uneven development, varying climate conditions, and inadequate infrastructure. This report highlights ongoing efforts to address these challenges, including the adoption of technologies and strategies to facilitate decarbonization. Initiatives such as phasing down hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs), incentivizing green technologies, and mandating climate-friendly standards for refrigeration are gaining traction. With the emergence of national legislation and policies in the region, there is a growing commitment to fostering and incentivizing sustainable practices in the cooling industry.

This report serves as a compass for industry players, policymakers, and stakeholders, aiming not only to highlight the issues but also to catalyze meaningful change in the approach to cold chain sustainability. Join us in forging a greener, more resilient future by downloading your copy today and staying ahead of industry trends.

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