Now on display: DPS Crane solutions

We are excited to announce the completion of a demo unit Crane Functional Display Kit, replicating a crane – a joint project between Danfoss Power Solutions and a local OEM partner PT Cahaya Bintang Intinusa in Indonesia. This joint project aims to display our comprehensive range of solutions and components tailored specifically for crane applications. This demo unit incorporates components and products from our extensive portfolio.

Established in 2017, PT Cahaya Bintang Intinusa manufactures and supplies drilling rigs and engineering solutions.

With our PLUS+1® control platform at its core, we have successfully integrated various DPS products ranging from Shhark low-noise gear pump, PVG 16, electronic components (microcontroller, display, CAN rotary, remote control, joystick, sensor), LSHT motor, hydraulic cylinders, hose assembly, and cartridge valve. Through this integration, we effectively demonstrate the practical functionality of each component, highlighting our expertise in system integration.

Recently, we organized a two-day product overview and live demo session, inviting distributors, OEMs/direct customers, and our internal team. The positive feedback received from the 22 participants has sparked further interest and exploration of our solutions.

Recognizing the value of the demo unit, several customers have expressed their desire to have it displayed at exhibitions they plan to participate in later this year. This demand highlights the impact and effectiveness of our unit in conveying the capabilities of our products to a wider audience.

Currently housed at the Integrated Technology Hub at PT Danfoss Indonesia, the demo unit is available for customer demonstrations enabling us to invite customers to convey the functionalities and benefits of our integrated solutions.

While the demo unit is already complete in its current state, we remain dedicated to its continual development and enhancement to incorporate advanced features. This dedication ensures that our unit remains at the forefront of innovation, aligned with the evolving market demands.

We appreciate our internal team and our OEM partner for their collaborative efforts and contributions to the successful development of the demo unit. Together, we will continue to highlight our solutions, enhance integration capabilities, and reinforce our position as industry leaders.

The completion of the demo unit marks a significant milestone in our journey to drive innovation and provide comprehensive solutions for crane applications. We invite everyone to explore and engage with this impressive platform, as it unlocks the full potential of our diverse product portfolio and strengthen our customer relationships.

For further information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Daniel Lolon