Danfoss, CPTC and UVE sign LOI committing to advance localization of megawatt electric vessels

Danfoss, in a significant move towards advancing the localization of megawatt electric vessels, has officially entered a Letter of Intent (LOI) with CSBC Power Technology Co., Ltd. (CPTC), a subsidiary of CSBC Corporation, Taiwan, and United Voyage Enterprise Co., Ltd (UVE), a key Drives partner.

This LOI underscores a commitment to strategic collaboration among the three entities, focusing on the development of electric-powered vessels equipped with megawatt-level propulsion systems within Taiwan.

The official signing ceremony took place at CPTC's headquarters in Keelung, with notable attendees including Cheng-Tzu Wei, President of CPTC (also CSBC), Krisada Phetsuksiri, Head of Asia Pacific & India Regions at Danfoss Drives, Tony Yu, General Manager of Taiwan, and Chen Guo Guang, President of UVE on 22nd December, 2023. This collaboration sets a solid foundation for the exchange of expertise and experience among the three companies in the field of shipbuilding and jointly developing advanced electric powertrain solutions, tailored for local vessels.

Danfoss' marine team is poised to collaborate closely with UVE, a Drives partner renowned for its nearly 30 years of specialization in inverter technology. Together, they will assist CPTC in the construction of fully electric, pollution-free vessels capable of replacing traditional diesel systems. This initiative aligns with the shared priorities of becoming the preferred partner in supporting customers to decarbonize the marine industry. Simultaneously, it seeks to elevate Taiwan's capabilities in the shipbuilding industry to gain global recognition.

Dong-Yeong Ryu, Marine Electrification Sales Leader for Asia Pacific & India, and Lin Chih Hung, Marine Project Manager for Asia Pacific, represented Danfoss APR marine team at the momentous LOI signing ceremony.


About CSBC Corporation, Taiwan

Founded back on November 7th in 1973, CSBC is the largest shipbuilding company in Taiwan. Their headquarters was established in Kaohsiung, with two shipyards in Keelung and Kaohsiung. In addition, there is an office in Taipei, to serve their customers and shipowners. CSBC offers varieties of products and services, such as the constructions of merchant ships, naval vessels, official ships, and commercial services, large steel structures , machinery manufacturing ,offshore engineering manufacturing, assembly, transportation, hoisting, commercial and other core business projects. (Source: https://www.csbcnet.com.tw/English/About/About/About.htm)