Welcome to the new home of DEVI

Friday, 6 January 2023

DEVI and Danfoss electric heating are now in one place

We’re bringing all of our DEVI and Danfoss electric heating resources together to our Danfoss website.

As the global supplier of electric indoor and outdoor heating solutions, we master advanced, heat-control technology that optimizes user comfort, safety and energy savings. By providing the easiest, most effective, quality indoor comfort as well as outdoor safety products and services at every level, we have become the market leader in the commercial and domestic markets for electric heating solutions.

Ready for a new journey to improve the life of future generations

For 80 years DEVI Electric Heating solutions have been improving the quality of people’s lives by creating a comfortable indoor environment and safe outdoors in wintertime.

With electricity emerging as a source of renewable energy, electric heating is becoming a more valuable and cost-effective alternative in the current unstable energy market.

Today, electric heating applications are found almost everywhere and anywhere you can imagine; inside and outside residential homes, public buildings, in the infrastructure, sports fields, and agriculture. Electric heating solutions can play a significant role in helping Europe reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Go to Danfoss.com and find out more about DEVI Electric Heating applications