Supplier Quality Competence – Educational sessions’ event

Datum: 1 junij, 2021

Dear suppliers,

in May, Danfoss Trata held a Supplier Quality Competence – Educational sessions’ event.

We’ve developed this idea to continuously improve and develop our suppliers. Quality organization, together with strategic procurement department worked hard to make it happen.

  • At this event, plant Director Peter Mihelič, initially introduced changes at Danfoss, the merger of Cooling and Heating into Climate Solutions segments and the benefits from it.
  • Then Blaž Tomc, Senior Manager Strategic Procurement (EU) presented the new Procurement organization
  • Later within next 1,5 days you’ve heard how important quality is and what our expectations are, directly from Karol Michael Wasik, Supplier Quality System Director, and with the help of Quality tools experts Robert Avsenik, Matej Kalčič, Slavko Kralj, Sašo Boštjančič and David Fröhlich, help you renew and expand knowledge of tools such as Process Flowchart, Failure Mode Effect and Analysis, Measurement System Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Control Plan and 8D problem solving methodology.

Every year Trata organizes the Supplier's day event, which takes place on a sunny day at a picnic venue, where we also meet face-to-face. Since Covid this and last year prevented us from meeting in-persons, we took a slightly different approach. Organizing an on-line event is far from easy, and what we missed the most, probably you as well, is a, genuine human contact and interactive feedback.

Customer satisfaction is what counts at the end, and as Danfoss organization thrives to fulfill customer’ expectation, so does Danfoss expect that you share the same thoughts.

We hope that at the next event all of us will be again able to sit at the same table and shake hands in-person.

But until then, here is as promised: presentations and recordings of the event. We do believe to see the fruits of these efforts in the future.

Presentations and recordings