Steering solutions that take you to the next level

Building a better tomorrow is our business. We help you turn new and ingenious steering technologies into high performing, intelligent machine solutions. As an industry thought leader pioneering the hydrostatic transmission industry years ago, we have the expertise and competences necessary to make seamless integration of hydraulics and electronics both possible and reliable.

And with a special focus on industry standards and certified safety levels – build directly into our advanced solutions  – we help you make safer, more intelligent machinery that will get faster and more efficiently to your markets. Today. And tomorrow.

PVED-CLS is about higher performance 

Improve your performance and reduce time to market with our PVED-CLS actuator that provides optimum safety, system reliability, and maximum compatibility.

Watch the impact of PVED-CLS. 

50 years of steering innovation

50 years of steering innovation meeting tomorrow’s need for safe, high performing machines. There’s a lot to think about when choosing the best steering system for your mobile machinery. From high speed and precision to low noise and impeccable safety, all your needs must be converted into a dependable solution with a clear competitive edge.

Product range

  • EHPS

    Large machines like articulated steering tractors, dumpers and loaders benefit from the flexibility of the EHPS.

  • OSPE

    Electrohydraulic steering valve with functional safety standard SIL 2, performance level d, smart steering.

  • EHi

    Tüv certified EHi steering valve - SIL 2 fail safe. Performance level d for applications with quick steering, auto guidance, GPS steering, 4 wheel steering, joystick steering and mini wheel.


    Steer by Wire technology with functional Safety SIl 2, Tüv certified performance level d, CAN BUS interface, miniwheel, joystick steering and auto guidance - GPS steering.

  • SASA steering sensor
    SASA steering sensor

    Variable steering ratio steering sensor, CAN output, electro-magnetic radiation, compact steering system, steering column.


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Related applications

  • Agriculture

    Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver the same high productivity every season. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class performance from each machine—and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for their operators.

  • Construction

    Space is limited on construction sites, and there are people working everywhere. Contractors need machines that can safely maneuver in a tight spot. At the same time they still need to be powerful enough to get the job done. At Danfoss, we deliver the components, software, and controls that enable your machines to run safely, efficiently and effectively.

  • Road building
    Road building

    Advanced hydraulic systems from Danfoss deliver the machine performance that ensures road builders can meet their deadlines.

  • Forestry

    Rough, sloping terrain and cramped working conditions call for robust and reliable forestry machines. We make sure you can manage everything from cutting trees and transport to preparing the forest floor for replanting. We have the smart hydraulic solutions your machines need for precise and efficient forestry operations.

  • Lawn and turf
    Lawn and turf

    Lawn and turf machines must adapt to their surroundings and the season – becoming sweepers or snow blowers as required. At Danfoss, we make hydraulic solutions to provide that flexibility and ensure safe and efficient operation.

Related solutions

  • Steering

    As the global market leader in steering components and systems, Danfoss equips everything from small lawn machines to the largest dump trucks.

Case studies

  • Electrohydraulic steering evolution
    Electrohydraulic steering evolution

    Danfoss began producing hydrostatic steering units back in the 1960s. Since then we have introduced many new variants, adapting to both market and regulatory needs. In early 2000, Danfoss developed the first generation of electrohydraulic steering products to fit a wide range of machine types. With GPS automatic steering, variable steering ratio and joystick steering, we made it possible to help customers increase their productivity and comfort.