Service applications

The PLUS+1® Service Tool is a free application for flashing PLUS+1® hardware, adjusting parameters, and running machine diagnostic applications.

Professional machine designers can create customized service applications with the PLUS+1® ervice Tool design interface, which is also included with PLUS+1® GUIDE.

Get started by downloading the free PLUS+1® Service Tool!


Download applications to PLUS+1® programmable hardware

Run service applications for tuning and parameter updating

Record and save machine log data for advanced troubleshooting


PLUS+1® service tool


Type Name Language Updated Download File type
Operating guide - AQ German 22 Mar, 2018 4.1 MB .pdf
Data sheet - AI PLUS+1® Service Tool add on license (Professional) Data Sheet English 22 Mar, 2018 992.0 KB .pdf
Operating guide - AQ PLUS1 Service Tool User Manual English 07 May, 2018 6.3 MB .pdf

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