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Service applications

The PLUS+1® Service Tool is a free application for flashing PLUS+1® hardware, adjusting parameters, and running machine diagnostic applications.

Professional machine designers can create customized service applications with the PLUS+1® Service Tool design interface. This is also included with PLUS+1® GUIDE.

Get started by downloading the free PLUS+1® Service Tool!


Download applications to PLUS+1® programmable hardware

Run service applications for tuning and parameter updating

Record and save machine log data for advanced troubleshooting


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet PLUS+1® Service Tool add on license (Professional) Data Sheet English Multiple 10 Jun, 2019 963.7 KB .pdf
Operating guide PLUS+1® Service Tool User Manual English Multiple 30 Jan, 2020 6.4 MB .pdf
Operating guide PLUS+1® Service Tool User Manual German Germany 19 Dec, 2018 6.3 MB .pdf

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PLUS+1® user forum

PLUS+1® user forum

Danfoss is working to become your strongest partner in Mobile Hydraulics. The PLUS+1® user forum is designed to help you find information and share your own experience. We hope this forum will become a valuable resource of knowledge and ideas for the PLUS+1 programming community. The PLUS+1 help desk team provides comments and answers to questions posted, complementing the phone and email support we already provided.

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North America toll-free: 1-888-50PLUS1 (+1-888-507-5871)
China (Shanghai): +86-21-3418-5288

If you are outside North America or Europe, call either number.
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