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Wireless diagnostics

Transform your mobile device – Android or iOS – into a secure and flexible wireless diagnostics system. It’s capable of automatically detect system error codes and deliver the right information to the right technician or group of technicians.

The PLUS+1® Mobile Service Tool app extends functionality of the PLUS+1® Service Tool. It will allow you to design customized service package screens to visualize and connect to engines, controllers and hydraulic systems. Helping to quickly assess machine health status.

Effortlessly keep your system up-to-date with automatic updates through the PLUS+1® Update Center. The Update Center will alert you to, fetch and install the latest versions of both PLUS+1® GUIDE and the PLUS+1® Service Tool. As well as accompanying Function Block libraries, Compliance Blocks and Hardware (HWD) files. The PLUS+1® Update Center is complementary of PLUS+1® GUIDE and can be found under Tools.


Wireless system diagnosis

Compatibility with Android and iOS

Encrypted data transfer

Wireless update and tune of your PLUS+1® machine system

Data logging and cloud storage

User and group management

Customize user experience

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PLUS+1® user forum

PLUS+1® user forum

Danfoss is working to become your strongest partner in Mobile Hydraulics. The PLUS+1® user forum is designed to help you find information and share your own experience. We hope this forum will become a valuable resource of knowledge and ideas for the PLUS+1 programming community. The PLUS+1 help desk team provides comments and answers to questions posted, complementing the phone and email support we already provided.

For individual technical support, contact us

Europe: +46 10-44 00 300
North America: +1-763-509-2084
North America toll-free: 1-888-50PLUS1 (+1-888-507-5871)
China (Shanghai): +86-21-3418-5288

If you are outside North America or Europe, call either number.
Or send an email to:

If you are a customer of one of our distributors, please contact your local distributor for support.