Brake and motors combinations

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Compact housing design

Suitable in many hydraulic motor markets, the hydraulic motor with integral brake is ideal for applications where space in the overall machine design is an issue.

This solution eliminates the need for a separate braking unit and provides up to 1580 Nm [14,000 lb-in] of reliable holding torque in a single compact package.  


Features and benefits

The compact housing design provides a high power to weight ratio

The heavy duty drive link is the most durable in its class, receiving full flow lubrication for reduced wear and overall increased motor life

The three zone orbital valve precisely meters oil to produce exceptional volumetric efficiencies

A rubber energized, steel faced seal in the orbital valving provides greater protection against seal extrusion and overheating

A standard case drain increases the overall shaft seal life by reducing the pressure on the shaft seal



with integrated negative holding brake


with integrated negative holding brake (H: high brake release pressure)


super short version and with integrated negative holding brake


with integrated negative holding brake (L: low brake release pressure)


with integrated negative holding brake (L: low brake release pressure) and integrated flushing valve


short version with integrated negative holding brake

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