Danfoss thermostats for ice and snow melting are used for various outdoor purposes. With these thermostats you can easily control: 

  • ice and snow melting
  • roof gutter applications
  • frost protection

Ectemp control solutions are the key to the cost and energy efficiency of our systems.

All our controllers feature automatic temperature-based activation. If you choose the highly advanced ECtemp™ 850 intelligent controller you will also benefit from a humidity sensing function that ensures the system is only activated when it is actually needed, regardless of ambient temperature.

Completing the control product range, our optional high-performance sensors are designed to reduce long-term repair costs and system disruptions.

ECtemp 316 and 330 controllers are our cost-effective solutions for automatic temperature control, ensuring energy savings, high efficiency and long service life across the entire system.

ECtemp 850 intelligent controller has advanced 2-zone control for optimal power management:

  • Saves costs for extra power supply or multiple controllers
  • Increases efficiency in zones with different weather impacts – e.g., roofs and driveways
  • Humidity and temperature sensitive activation
  • Does not activate in cold but dry weather, saving energy and costs

Features and benefits

Available in multiple languages

Adjustable modes

Intelligent, digital sensors

Fault detection

Alarm function


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