The comprehensive accessories portfolio includes:

  • Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats for electical underfloor heating;
  • Accessories and spare parts for electrical heating thermostats;
  • Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats used in ice and snow melting applications.

Our accessories make the installation of Danfoss electric heating systems easier and faster. 


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Related products

  • Electric underfloor heating - thermostats
    Electric underfloor heating - thermostats

    ECtemp™ Smart thermostat is primarily used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. The discreet and timeless design of the square-shaped touchscreen makes the ECtemp™ Smart fit perfectly into any modern design interior. The intuitive mobile app control turns your smartphone into a remote control and enables you to easily operate your floor heating system.

  • Electric underfloor heating - cables
    Electric underfloor heating - cables

    Danfoss heating cables are developed for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating. Our latest innovation, Danfoss ECflex is the direct result of combining many years of experience with true innovation to create a new level of versatility, flexibility and reliability.

  • Electric underfloor heating - mats
    Electric underfloor heating - mats

    The heating mat can be applied directly to the surface of any old flooring and is installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives and therefore adds no significant height to the floor level.

  • Other electric heating: mirror foil
    Other electric heating: mirror foil

    Mirror heating foils from Danfoss is an effective system for keeping the mirror completely steam free. Fast and easy installation where the self-adhesive side of the heating foil is placed on the back of the mirror.

  • Ice and snow melting, frost protection - thermostats
    Ice and snow melting, frost protection - thermostats

    Danfoss Ice and snow melting thermostats are used for various outdoor purposes. With these thermostats you can easily control ice and snow melting, roof gutter applications, frost protection.