There are so many good reasons to add the value of ventilation to your home

What does windows condensation and black mold reveal about the air quality inside your home?

We rarely pause to think about the condition of our indoor climate, but much can be gained from adding the value of ventilation in our well-insulated homes.

Our home sets the scene for play, relaxation, social activities and individual recreation. And no matter what goes on inside your home, it should always allow you to breathe easy – all day and all year.

Danfoss Air is the system of choice, not only if you are planning a new build, but also for installing in existing dwellings. The Air system can be fully customized to match your individual home, and as demand-based ventilation, the system automatically adjusts the ventilation without you having to worry about settings and complicated user manuals.

It literally adapts to your family’s lifestyle. On warm days and cool nights, after parties and during holidays, Danfoss Air offers intelligent, energy-efficient and excellent indoor climate with minimal environmental impact – and lets you feel the importance of fresh air.

Additionally, we offer a complete range of accessories for Danfoss heat recovery ventilation, ranging from additional Air dial remotes, replacement air filters, siphons and installation tools for the professional installer.

Features and benefits

Fresh air and heat recovery with extremely low power consumption.

Discreet and fast installation.

Healthy air with the windows shut. Danfoss Air prevents the growth of mold and other harmful substances by ensuring fresh air 24/7 – and you don´t even have to open the windows.

Visit Danfoss house

and learn how can heat recovery systems improve your life.


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  • Danfoss ventilation units are produced for wall and ceiling space assemblies as well as a complete air distribution system and a range of heating surfaces and accessories.
  • Danfoss Air units is a series of high efficiency heat recovery ventilation units. The units are specifically designed to provide the lowest possible internal pressure drop.
  • Only the best and most efficient EC-fans are used for Danfoss Air units.
  • The approach has been to make our units slightly larger than normal, while only using the best components – as result the Danfoss Air units are among the most quiet on the market, with the lowest fan power consumption. As standard we offer demand based ventilation, based on an integrated precision humidity sensor.
  • The Air units are controlled by a wireless user interface – either Danfoss Link CC or Danfoss Air Dial. Communicates: Z-wave/USB/ethernet and modbus.
  • Danfoss Air units are all energy consumption class A.