Danfoss Air ducts is a complete system containing all parts necessary for an optimal distribution of the air inside a house. Danfoss offers a complete design of the entire system which is your guarantee of the perfect solution.

To achieve the highest operational efficiency, the duct system should be installed as compact as the building construction allows by keeping the duct sections as short as possible and using as few bends as possible. If the ducts are located on the loft floor, they can be secured using duct clips. Duct clips can also be used if the duct system is suspended from the roof, using UV fixing hangers, if required.

Additionally, we offer a complete range of accessories for Danfoss heat recovery ventilation, ranging from additional Air dial remotes, replacement air filters, siphons and installation tools for the professional installer.

Features and benefits

It insures simple installation of the ventilation system.

Danfoss Air ducts allows to install the Air Units and Air Flex in different places at home, thus contributing to optimal placing of the ventilation system in the home.