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Our customizable solution

R13 F can be configured to have extra digital analogue or CAN outputs, creating a very customizable solution for each application.

Features and benefits

Worldwide compatible multi-band radio. Possibility of full-duplex communication. Easily customizable via EEPROM. 

Tether connection between the transmitter and receiver as an alternative to radio connection. If radio control is not permitted or there are no charged batteries, the radio remote can be used with a wired connection between the transmitter and receiver. If a wired connection is used, the transmitter is powered by the receiver. 

Removable memory card. Quick and easy restoration of service with a spare unit in the event of transmitter or receiver failure. If the transmitter is completely destroyed, the replacement can copy the EEPROM from the receiver. 

The external display allows for fast and simple troubleshooting, to facilitate user detection of the incident as soon as possible 

Possibility of working with multiple transmitters and a single receiver. The first device to link up assumes control of the machine. 

For situations requiring the use of two or more independent cranes moving simultaneously. The master transmitters can choose whether to work simultaneously with several receivers or independently with one of them. 

Possibility of working with a single transmitter and multiple receivers at the same time. 

The most compact TANDEM solution. 
A system conformed by a master transmitter (Pushbutton or Console box) which controls by the use of radio signals simultaneously. This, in a synchronized way the movements of two cranes working in tandem mode. 


Receiver R13 F 
Stop function Cat. 3 – PLd 
Ingress protection IP65/NEMA4 
Frequency band Multiband (400 – 930 MHz) 
AC Power Supply  48 - 230 Vac ±25% (Multivoltage) / 18-30 Vac 
DC Power Supply  8-36 Vdc 
Antenna  External  
Removable EEPROM  External  
Signaling  External  
ON / OFF outputs (Max.)  21
Analogue Outputs (Max.)  4
CANopen, Profibus-DP, Profinet  Yes
ON / OFF inputs (Max.)  24
Analogue Inputs (Max.)  6
Maximum output Current  8A
Working Temperature Range  -20C + 70C (-4F + 158F) 
Weight   Configuration dependable 
Dimensions (LxWxH mm)  245x160x80 
Cable connection  Yes
Associated Transmitters  T70 1/ T70 2/ T70 1 HALL/ T70 2 HALL/ T70 1 ATEX/ T70 2 ATEX/ IK2/ IK3/IK4 


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet R13 F Data Sheet English Multiple 29 May, 2019 868.2 KB .pdf
User guide R13 F Receiver User Manual English Multiple 28 Mar, 2019 3.4 MB .pdf
User guide R13 F Receiver User Manual Spanish, Castilian Multiple 13 May, 2019 3.3 MB .pdf

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