Optimal performance

Our DP600TM color display provides optimal performance and flexibility for high-end applications.

DP600TM series

Transmissive TFT display for high legibility in the dark or bright sunshine

18 bit color resolution

IP 67 for outdoor use

Increased input functionality

USB host support downloads machine application log data to USB memory stick

USB and RS232 connections for laptop with buzzer alarm.

External inputs for cameras (both PAL and NTSC support) and multiple CAN buses


Type Name Language Updated Download File type
Data sheet - AI DP600TM Series Displays Data Sheet English 26 Jun, 2018 744.6 KB .pdf
User guide - BC DP6XX Series Displays Technical Information English 26 Jun, 2018 3.0 MB .pdf
Brochure - AD PLUS1 Toolbox English 26 Jun, 2018 23.3 MB .pdf
Brochure - AD PLUS1 Toolbox Chinese (CN) 12 Jul, 2018 27.3 MB .pdf