Optimized design

Our DP570 is design optimized for cost effectiveness and comes in two models; with and without video.

For customers looking for a cost effective display with a slightly smaller screen than DP7xx and for in-cab usage. 

Features and benefits

5.7" high resolution TFT display

640x480 pixels

18 bit color resolution

IP65 for in-cab usage

One optional video input with both PAL and NTSC support

Keypad with 6 buttons all with white backlight design for low light and night use


Type Name Language Updated Download File type
Data sheet - AI DP570 Series Display Data Sheet Chinese (CN) 04 May, 2018 587.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet - AI DP570 Series Displays Data Sheet English 22 Mar, 2018 490.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet - AI DP570 Series Displays Data Sheet Japanese 22 Mar, 2018 552.6 KB .pdf
User guide - BC DP570 Series Displays Technical Information Manual English 22 Mar, 2018 3.2 MB .pdf
Brochure - AD PLUS+1 Tool Box Brochure Chinese (CN) 04 May, 2018 27.3 MB .pdf