The Danfoss SCADA Solutions are effective and easy-to-use web-based SCADA tools for service personnel of district energy stations which enables you to streamline service, commissioning, maintenance and control tasks. Our Danfoss Enspire SCADA monitoring solution can be connected to electronic heating controllers for remote monitoring and control of your heating system.

Danfoss Enspire enables you to improve and control your operation management. Danfoss Enspire is built on strong bases of already established Danfoss solutions. It is equipped with new and improved features for remote monitoring, control and optimization of your district heating. A reliable and stable software solution brings you a cost effective and energy efficient management.

Customized for District energy

Danfoss Enspire was developed and tailored specifically for district energy systems, but at the same time you can customize it to the specific needs of your district heating utility.

Open, connected and transparent

Benefit from open communication and data interfaces. Beside wide range of Danfoss products, you can easily integrate devices from other providers. Collected data can also be made available for other business (e.g. billing) and operational systems (optimizers, energy management, …).

Team of experts at your service

Benefit from our know-how data base, access to online and onsite trainings, online video guides, support forums and engineers. This will result in your improved performance and overall satisfaction.

Operate with more control and better efficiency

The software was developed with a special attention on your daily tasks and our dedication to simplify them. Get a better overview of your system with improved alarming and reporting. And with easier commissioning, group settings, etc. you are now able to manage your daily business in a faster and more efficient way.

Always up-to-date

Your investment will never be outdated. We are dedicated to constantly improve and upgrade the solution and will provide you with the access to all the latest features and improvements.

Lower your investment cost

You can buy the software or subscribe to use it as a service. This will allow you to lower investment and IT equipment maintenance cost, consequently unlocking your resources to focus on your primary business.

Safe and secure

Your data will stay safe and secure as Danfoss Enspire provides protection for all interfaces and stores data with the trusted security mechanisms.

Modern web based solution

You can access the system from everywhere you require using standard web browser on your desktop or mobile devices.

Tools and apps

Software tools

Case studies

  • A cost-effective solution: district cooling in central Copenhagen
    A cost-effective solution: district cooling in central Copenhagen

    Energy efficiency was a major consideration in the design of Copenhagen’s district cooling project, where VLT® drives contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 3000 t annually.

  • Solar heating plant reduces CO2 emissions by 15,700 tonnes annually
    Solar heating plant reduces CO2 emissions by 15,700 tonnes annually

    The world’s largest solar heating plant in Silkeborg, Denmark harnesses energy to heat the homes and workplaces of 40,000 citizens. It supplies 18-20% of the annual heat consumption in the city of Silkeborg, Denmark, which has an ambitious target of CO2 neutrality in heat production by the year 2030.

  • District energy as the heating and cooling solution in Teknopark Istanbul, Turkey

    Building: Office
    Application: Production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water
    Challenge: Design and construct customized district energy solutions for all buildings on the park
    Solution: Danfoss  designed and constructed 3 pre-assembled DSE substations containing control valves for the heating, cooling and domestic hot water, heat meters, self-acting controllers and electronic controllers connected to a central Building Management System. 

  • Heating facility reconstruction in Kopaonik mountain resort, Serbia

    Building: Hotel
    Application: Hydronic balance, control and monitoring of a heating system
    Challenge: Improve the energy efficiency of old heating system
    Solution: Danfoss installed motorized control valves, hydronic balancing valves and electronic controllers with monitoring software

  • Renovation of a district heating network, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Since 2011, the local District Heating Company (“Centralno grijanje” d.d. Tuzla) has carried out a major renovation of the city’s comprehensive district heating network, providing reliability of supplies, improved comfort as well as energy and cost savings. Based on thorough analysis and a long-term strategic approach, the 30 year old system is gradually transformed into a modern and smart energy system.

  • First ever district heating system with substations in Turkey

    600 residents in the town of Soma in Western Turkey now enjoy the comforts of a reliable and cheap heat supply from the town’s brand new district heating system. 

    In the coming years, more than 8,000 households will be joining the system that exploits the excess heat from the municipal power plant – a great improvement from the charcoal boilers of the past, and much less expensive.