Industrial proportional directional valves

Reduce commissioning time through plug-and-play funcitonality

With three performance levels to choose from, you’re sure to find a valve perfectly matched to your application.

We offer an incredible depth of proportional valves with a variety of features, flow rates and performance levels to meet customer demands in industrial and mobile applications. Danfoss Vickers proportional directional valves can help you:

  • Reduce commissioning time through plug-and-play functionality
  • Reduce labor time and costs by minimizing wiring
  • Increase machine uptime
  • Improve productivity and quality
  • Increase automation
  • Enable easier serviceability

Size - NG 6 to NG 32 (D03 to D10)

Pressure - Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Flow - Up to 700 L/min (185 gal/min)

Three performance levels, a world of possibilities

Our proportional directional valves are available in three performance levels—ultra, high and standard performance—to suit a wide range of application requirements.

Ultra performance
KSD direct-acting and KHD pilot-operated servo performance valves.

  • Single solenoid
  • Spring-offset to power off condition
  • Spool position feedback (pilot- and main-stage spool position feedback)
  • Zero lap spool options
  • Suitable for closed-loop pressure and position control applications
  • Requires dedicated control amplifier

High performance
KFD direct-acting single feedback valve.

  • Spool position feedback
  • Suitable for precise speed control and simple closed-loop applications
  • Requires dedicated control amplifier

Standard performance
KDG direct-acting and pilot-operated non-feedback valve.

  • No spool position feedback
  • Low-cost valve suitable for shock reduction and simple speed control applications
  • Simple, low-cost electronic requirements

Enhance your system with proportional valve electronics

Add precision, speed and accuracy to your industrial proportional valve application with Danfoss amplifiers and control cards. These add-ons feature user-friendly front panels with LEDs, so you can easily monitor and adjust card functions. The units provide both voltage and current input signals, with translation to standard, efficient PWM output signals.

Upgrade to onboard electronics
Upgrade to onboard electronics
Valves with onboard electronics offer a number of advantages, including a factory-matched valve and amplifier, which reduces the possibility of selection and installation errors. Installation and setup is faster and easier, with limited user adjustments and reduced electrical cabinet space requirements. Discover our range of proportional directional valves with onboard electronics.
Valve specification made simple
Need help choosing the correct valve for your application? Our product guide simplifies the specification of our proportional directional valve range. Designed to help narrow down your search to the correct type and size valve, this five-step guide will walk you through specification in a decision-tree format.
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