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Gain a competitive edge with AxisPro 

When you’re creating a next-generation industrial hydraulic system, you need sophisticated valve technology. AxisPro hydraulic valves outperform traditional valves by innovative design with intelligent controls and onboard diagnostics built right into the valve.

Quick and easy to configure, the valves allow changes to be made in real time, giving you the flexibility to create custom solutions for the most sophisticated, demanding applications. AxisPro hydraulic valves help you get the best, most efficient system performance possible while saving time, energy and money, helping you stay ahead of the curve—and the competition.

Smarter - Onboard controls and built-in diagnostics

Faster - Software configurability enables quick setup and real-time changes

Easier - Simple setup, commissioning, tuning and troubleshooting

Advanced features improve performance while saving time and money

AxisPro valves can be programmed to control motion sequencing, which eliminates the need to buy multiple components. Built-in motion control makes it easy to integrate AxisPro into distributed control architectures, reducing wiring costs and machine build time. 

Highly customizable for precise control 

Three levels of control–basic onboard electronics, onboard motion control, and additional built-in pressure and temperature functionality–help you meet the demands of a wide range of applications. Centralized and distributed control options provide flexibility for every application. The distributed control architecture makes these valves incredibly scalable—add nodes to accommodate additional power generation equipment. 

Do you need an SX4 or SM4 servo valve? 

Our SM4 line features more variation to help you find the perfect fit for your application. The SX4 is our highest performance servo valve, which offers the following advantages: 

  • Extended frequency response and improved stability in closed-loop systems
  • Greater stability in high-shock environments due to the six-screw mounting
  • The jeweled feedback ball receiver virtually eliminates the wear that can lead to loss of control
  • Jeweled openings extend valve life 

Easy maintenance and troubleshooting 
By integrating controller functions into the valve itself, AxisPro valves maximize machine performance and minimize the possibility of unscheduled maintenance. Onboard diagnostics make it simple to fine-tune the valve and identify any issues that may arise. 

Software and firmware for AxisPro valves
Download the latest AxisPro software and firmware releases.
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