DMV directional control valve

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A perfect solution for your application

The Danfoss DMV directional control valve is a sectional mobile valve with direct electric solenoid control for spool position. The DMV valve design is a closed-center, parallel or series circuit that can also function as an open-center circuit through the use of unloading inlet options.

Based upon the proven Danfoss Vickers DG valve design, the Danfoss DMV valve enables you to configure a valve from a variety of modules to create the perfect solution for your application.

Function - On/off or proportional directional control in mobile machinery

Pressure - Up to 300 bar

Flow - Up to 15.8 gal/min (60 L/min)

Versatile, modular design

The Danfoss DMV valve offers versatility and flexibility through a sectional design, allowing the use of up to six sections per bank assembly. You can configure the valve to create custom, multi-functional circuits through optional banking functions such as inlet and work port options. In addition, auxiliary manifold blocks can be included in the stack as circuit needs arise, and the valve sections can themselves be added to larger, more complex manifold blocks to provide directional control in larger systems.

Configure your base with these building blocks:

  • Inlet modules
  • Intermediate spool section modules
  • End spool section modules
  • Section relief valve modules
  • Module cartridges
  • Spool modules
  • Centering and core-tube modules
  • Solenoid coil modules

Add any of these features to each section to create the perfect solution:

  • Service line relief valves
  • Load sensing check valves
  • Pilot operated check valves
  • Pressure comp return flow regulators
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