SBX advanced steering valve

Multiple configuration and customization options

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of mobile equipment, the Danfoss SBX advanced steering valve works in both electrohydraulic and steer-by-wire systems. The compact, modular valve increases flexibility and functionality when working with limited engine compartment space or when adopting electrical inputs into today’s steering solutions. The valve offers a range of redundancy options and can be paired with the OEM’s machine control system or an Danfoss controller.

  • Certifications - SIL 2 and PLd ready
  • Pressure rating - up to 210 bar (3,045 psi)
  • Flow rating - up to 60 L/min (15.8 gal/min)

Full range of redundancy options

The SBX advanced steering valve can be mounted to a steering control unit in an electrohydraulic (EH) steering configuration, or to a secondary EH valve or manifold in a steer-by-wire (SbW) configuration, providing fail-operational functionality. It can also be provided as a standalone unit for use in steer-by-wire systems that do not require redundancy. This enables OEMs to provide a steer-by-wire system to one customer and an EH system to another without major changes in architecture. It also allows a simple transition from an orbitrol today to a backup valve in the future.

Flexibility that fits your machine design

  • Can be used in both steer-by-wire and electrohydraulic steering configurations
  • Pairs with an OEM’s machine control system or Danfoss SFX or HFX controllers
  • Accommodates a range of redundancy requirements
  • Compact design enables remote mounting

Designed to comply with functional safety requirements

  • Isolation spool provides redundant EH shut-off capability, giving the orbitrol steering unit absolute priority at all times
  • Onboard electronic controller and redundant spool position sensor make precise flow control possible while enhancing diagnostic coverage

Powerful customization capabilities

  • Ideal for use with GPS-driven automatic navigation systems as well as additional inputs, such as a joystick, lever or alternative steering wheel
  • Enables customization of steering parameters, such as steering turn ratio, lock-to-lock wheel turns, steering knob position and steering feel
  • Enables the removal of the steering column in steer-by-wire configurations, which can improve operator sightlines, reduce noise in the cab, and permit rotation of the cab or seat without added steering inputs

Steering solutions for mobile off-highway equipment

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