Electrohydraulic steering

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The steering evolution compliant with your needs of tomorrow

Our electrohydraulic steering components are being widely acknowledged by 3rd party certifications and are compliant with all current regulations and safety standards including the Machinery Directive.

Improve your application performance, flexibility and reliability as well as reduce time to market with our electrohydraulic steering solutions. They meet all current demands and safety standards, and are applicable for small and large sized applications for agriculture, construction, road building, and material handling.

Features and benefits


  • Latest steer-by-wire technology, improving machine and cabin design flexibility
  • Proven technology that accelerates your time to market
  • Compliant with all current regulations and safety standards
  • Integrated safety and steering controller in electrohydraulic valves


  • Superior steering performance with better handling and control
  • Increased productivity with auto-guidance (GPS), quick steering and all-wheel steering
  • Improved operator comfort and enhanced ergonomics with electric steering wheel and joystick

Product range

Electrohydraulic steering valves with integrated safety controllers

All our electrohydraulic steering units come with integrated steering and safety controllers.
The highest standards of safety and low noise level in a compact solution.

Electrohydraulic steering input devices and sensors

Enjoy greater machine and cabin design flexibility and improved operator comfort with up to 65% reduced muscle activity and up to 6% increased productivity. Unleash the full potential.

PVE steering and safety controllers

PVE steering and safety controllers

The Danfoss PVE series of controllers for electrohydraulic steering solutions is the first intelligent steering sub-system to integrate all safety functionality in the valve.

Related applications

  • Agriculture

    Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver the same high productivity every season. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class performance from each machine, and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for their operators.

  • Construction

    Space is limited on construction sites, and there are people working everywhere. Contractors need machines that can safely maneuver in a tight spot. At the same time they still need to be powerful enough to get the job done. At Danfoss, we deliver the components, software, and controls that enable your machines to run safely, efficiently and effectively.

  • Hydraulic solutions for forestry machines

    Rough, sloping terrain and cramped working conditions call for robust and reliable forestry machines. We make sure you can manage everything from cutting trees and transport to preparing the forest floor for replanting. We have the smart hydraulic solutions your machines need for precise and efficient forestry operations.

  • Lawn and turf
    Lawn and turf

    Lawn and turf machines must adapt to their surroundings and the season – becoming sweepers or snow blowers as required. At Danfoss, we make hydraulic solutions to provide that flexibility and ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • Road building
    Road building

    Advanced hydraulic systems from Danfoss deliver the machine performance that ensures road builders can meet their deadlines.

Related solutions

  • All-wheel steering
    All-wheel steering

    All-wheel steering is one example of how Danfoss is at the forefront of machine versatility. This helps customers getting the most out of their equipment. Electrohydraulic steering system enables operators to manually adjust the steering mode, allowing them to best match machine performance to the task at hand.

  • Auto-guided steering system
    Auto-guided steering system

    To remain competitive in today’s agricultural equipment market, OEMs are offering satellite-based, automatic steering solutions.

  • Joystick steering
    Joystick steering

    Danfoss continues to lead the way with advanced, electrohydraulic joystick steering solutions. These offer design flexibility for you, superior machine controllability and performance for your customers.

  • Quick steering
    Quick steering

    The ability to customize a machine’s steering ratio gives operators added precision while keeping them in ultimate control. At Danfoss, we call this dynamic steering ratio adjustment “quick steering.”

  • Steer-by-wire

    Our fail-safe steer-by-wire solutions allow you to remove the steering column. You can then replace it with smaller, precise steering mechanisms such as a joystick or mini-wheel.

Case stories