Fixed displacement axial piston motors

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MP1 fixed displacement axial piston motors

MP1 motor is our next generation of fixed displacement axial piston motors. The MP1 motor is designed for use in mobile equipment using existing and proven technology.

These motors have been optimized around product life, package size, option variety, and low installation cost.

We offer rapid prototype delivery which will allow your application to get faster into the market.

MP1 motors are offered in two displacements in one package size, 20 and 24cc/rev, and are capable of operating in closed loop and open loop systems. Different mounting configurations are available: SAE A, B, and cartridge style two-bolt flange.

Fan Drive Systems

MP1 motors can be used in different fan drive circuits along with other Danfoss products, offering great versatility and flexibility to fit your needs.

Examples of Fan Drive system solutions using MP1 motors:

Features and benefits

Easy installation: Lightweight aluminum housing, shortest length in the market, low volume occupation in tight spaces such as engine compartments

Easy integration: Compact package size, cartridge mounting for easy integration into fan shroud, system solution when combined with other Danfoss products (MP1P, DDC20, S45, PLUS+1)

High efficiency: Lower fuel cost, more productivity, allows for downsizing with equal or better machine performance

High pressure capability: Max working pressure of 350 bar, enables downsizing of the Fan Drive system, higher durability and longer life

Wide range of options: PLUS+1 Compliant speed sensor, integrated loop flushing valve option, anti-cavitation and shock valve option, two displacements in a single package, SAE A, B, and cartridge style two-bolt mounting configurations available, tapered shaft with optional shaft seal dust protector for fan drive applications


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Service guide MP1 Axial Piston Motors Parts Manual English Multiple 03 Mar, 2021 4.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet MP1 Axial Piston Motors Size 20/24 Data Sheet English Multiple 06 Nov, 2019 862.2 KB .pdf
User guide MP1 Axial Piston Motors Size 20/24 Technical Information Chinese (CN) China 29 Oct, 2020 4.4 MB .pdf
User guide MP1 Axial Piston Motors Technical Information English Multiple 15 Feb, 2021 3.9 MB .pdf
User guide MP1 Axial Piston Motors Technical Information Japanese Multiple 15 Feb, 2021 3.0 MB .pdf

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