HMR CAN rotary devices

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HMR CAN Rotary

HMR CAN Rotary enables efficient screen navigation and operation of machine functions by intuitive button control – the next level in operator comfort and machine modernization.

Superb operator comfort and efficiency

For operators who expect top-of-the-range comfort, safety and performance, the Danfoss HMR CAN Rotary excels on all counts. Our PLUS+1® mobile machine device enables screen navigation and machine function control at the push of a button – with the ability for customers to add a hand rest to top off the ergonomic design.

Taking the best features from the auto market, the HMR CAN Rotary minimizes the need to reach for the touch screen, buttons or dials on the display while the machine is in operation. Operators can maintain a full overview of performance by intuitive five-finger control, allowing for “blind” operation of the device.

The device features seven large buttons that can be easily configured with standard icons, over 3,500 different icons per ISO 7000, or fully customized for a truly unique appearance. Via an eighth button integrated in the rotary device knob, operators can enter commands and select functions. In addition to being convenient, this is an important safety feature that prevents accidental engagement.

Each button has RGB LEDs that provide an adjustable backlight and light bars that are controllable via CAN messaging – giving customers the flexibility to easily customize each button for color and frequency, while modernizing their machine.

Like all products in the PLUS+1® family, the HMR CAN is designed for demanding conditions. Rugged IP66 and IP67 ratings make it suitable for installation in open or enclosed cabs.