PLUS+1® XM100 autonomous controller

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Fast-track to autonomous machine functions

The XM100 autonomous controller, Danfoss' first autonomous hardware solution, supports customers in enabling Level 3 Autonomy and delivers the central processing power for the future of mobile machinery and development. The XM100 Controller meets the needs of autonomous machines by interfacing with GNSS systems, LiDAR, Radar and inertial sensors while carrying out autonomous navigation tasks.

With the integrated PLUS+1® Autonomous Control Library, machine manufactures are able to to add autonomous functionality to their machines without writing a single line of code by using the pregrogrammed and pretested function blocks each covering key areas like positioning, navigation and path planning.

Features and benefits

Programmable with PLUS+1® Guide

Powerful i.MX 6 QuadPlus processor

8 GB of flash and 2GB of DDR3RAM

4 CAN ports

Interfaces for LiDAR & Radar over Ethernet (10/100)

Integrated 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit

GNSS Receiver with 1.2M CEP position accuracy

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