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New connected solution for efficient management of your district energy system

With our new and improved SCADA solution you can achieve more control of your district energy system with less effort

Optimize your network with Leanheat® Monitor

Leanheat® Monitor is built on strong bases of already established Danfoss solutions with new and improved features for remote monitoring, control and optimization of your district heating.
A reliable and stable control & monitoring solution brings you a cost-effective and energy efficient management. And it lays the foundations for the connected future of your district energy system.

With Leanheat® Monitor you are ready for the next step in the changing world of district energy.

Features and benefits

Open, connected and transparent 

  • Connect with any device using standard communication
  • Easy integration with business intelligence and optimization solutions
  • Part of Danfoss Leanheat® - Software Suite & Services

Modern web-based solution

  • Always up-to-date: the latest version automatically available for your use
  • Clear and customizable user interface
  • Access from anywhere and from any device (mobile & desktop compatible)
  • Trusted security mechanisms for safe and secured data storage

Customized for district energy

  • Improve understanding of actual state of your system with actionable information insights (key performance indicators) on dashboard and flow-diagrams
  • Work faster with predefined templates for e.g. reports and alarms, or customize them according to your needs
  • Integrate new devices with ease using auto-commisioning functions for Danfoss ECL controllers. Go from connecting an ECL to having flow-diagram visualized on your screen in less than 1 minute

Lower investment and predictable operation costs

  • Lower your total cost of ownership and improve return on investment
  • Reduced IT investments and maintenance costs using software as a service
  • No local IT infrastructure and knowledge required
  • Unlock your resources to focus on your primary business


Improve and control your operation management with Leanheat® Monitor

Leanheat® Monitor demo video


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Danfoss Enspire® German Multiple 06 Oct, 2020 577.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet Danfoss Leanheat® Monitor English Multiple 14 Sep, 2021 1.4 MB .pdf
Service guide ECL 296 / 310 Modbus service guide English Multiple 17 Aug, 2018 1.3 MB .pdf
Service guide ECL296/310 Modbus service guide German Multiple 09 Dec, 2019 1.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet Energy meters supported by Danfoss SCADA solutions English Multiple 14 Sep, 2021 470.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet Enspire® - list of supported application keys English Multiple 25 Apr, 2018 201.7 KB .pdf
Brochure Leanheat Monitor German Germany 04 Jun, 2021 1.3 MB .pdf
Brochure Leanheat Monitor English Multiple 22 Jan, 2021 1.0 MB .pdf

Case stories

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


  • Improved performance – your local PC is not your bottleneck
  • Unmatchable security – GDPR compliant
    - All customer sensitive data is
    encrypted from the controller on
    - All stored data is encrypted
    - Access to system is encrypted (https) and protected with user authentication
    - All data transactions (reading, storing, modifying) is traced
    - Datacenters are physically
    protected against unauthorized
    access, fire and floods
    - Our datacenter provider invests 2b EUR annually for data security and has over 40 security certificates globally
  • Improved accessibility & productivity – access the system from anywhere you have internet access
  • Improved reliability – multiple
    level redundancy assures 99,8% system availability
  • Lower costs – with „Software as a Service“ model, you don‘t need to invest in expensive licenses.
  • Global, but local – datacenters can in most cases be restricted only to your country, so no data »crosses the border«

Leanheat® Monitor enables you to connect all different parts of your district energy system, such as heat meters, substations, production units, network measurements, etc. and also third-party sources (e.g. weather forecast) into one secure system.
This data can then be used for optimization of your system using Danfoss optimization solutions like Leanheat® Network & Leanheat® Building (in a plug & play manner) or any third-party optimization solution using standard API interface.