Alsense Insite – Energy optimization and maintenance solution for supermarkets

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What is Alsense Insite?

InSite is a predictive maintenance solution for supermarkets refrigeration systems that helps reduce energy costs, improve product quality, extend the life of the equipment and make maintenance of your systems predictive – rather than reactive. By continuously monitoring key parameters, InSite can identify potential problems early and provide recommendations to avoid or mitigate issues. This helps supermarkets avoid costly downtime and even more expensive repairs while keep their refrigeration systems running smoothly. InSite requires no additional hardware and is easy to use, and it’s backed by Danfoss expert support team.

Why Alsense Insite 

Automated recommendations for system optimization, get alerted about issues before they turn into problems

Track store performance over time with transparent maintenance log

Reduce energy costs

Reduce unplanned maintenance and expensive downtime

Benchmark stores across weather, systems and performance

food city

Danfoss InSite enabled Food City to improve case  performance, energy efficiency and extend equipment life.


If you are already subscribed to InSite you can login here. If not, get in touch with your Danfoss account manager or sales representative.

We work with the Danfoss AK-SM 800 and AK-SM800A range to connect InSite to your store. Beyond that we currently support HFC based refrigeration systems and are planning to include Co2 systems in the future.

Whether you have in house technicians or a 3rd party doing maintenance, you can provide them with access and alert them to new recommendations for your stores. No matter your maintenance setup you can work with InSite and generate users as needed.

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