Prosa IoT for Food Safety

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Simple solution for temperature tracking and HACCP compliance

From the sensors that read the temperature to the data logging on real time, Prosa IoT for Food Safety is making food preservation easier and smarter than ever.

Monitor conveniently your refrigeration assets on the user-friendly app – ProsaLink – and enjoy what matters.


Discover the benefits in one infographic

Download the infographic and the discover the benefits the solution brings to your business.


Discover the ProsaLink app

And see how you can easily monitor your refrigeration assets.

How it works

Choose with your installer if you need the PR-SC4K kit for Modbus or for Direct connection.

All what you need to monitor your refrigeration equipment is in one package: connectivity hardware & protection box, door contacts and temperature sensors, antenna.

Installation by a professional installer is fast and easy, and is applicable on existing or new refrigeration equipment such as cold rooms, display cases, mobile cases, etc. Up to 5 equipment can be connected to one connectivity device.

Easy overview across your sites, equipment, even countries and regions. On your mobile phone and PC, at your convenience. Download the ProsaLink app in the Android or Apple stores.

Mobile data cloud subscription costs will apply from the 1/1/2020. You will subscribe to the service directly. The table below shows the subscription model per type of service and per number of connected refrigeration equipment.

The monthly subscription costs are country based. To know more, contact your installer.

Number of refrigeration equipment connected Basic subscription
  • App
  • Email alarms
  • HACCP report
Standard subscription
  • App
  • Email alarms
  • HACCP report
  • Push Notifications
  • Web portal
1 to 4                $$                  $$$
5 to 9               -x%                  -x%
10 to 99               -X%                  -X%
100 to 999              -XX%                 -XX%

Contact an installer to get the equipment

Contact an installer closest to your area to have more information and buy a kit.