Save time and money

It’s a common issue: An urgent software update or operating parameter change needs to be made to an entire fleet of machines that may be scattered all over the region, country, or world. In the past, team leaders would need to be instructed to manually update each machine, or technicians would need be sent to each job site — time-consuming, expensive propositions.

Now, Danfoss Telematics solutions can update the entire fleet remotely in just minutes.

Danfoss Telematics solutions include an easy-to-use web-based access portal that runs on virtually any internet-connected device, so software and parameter updates can be sent to one machine or an entire fleet from a laptop or smartphone. We understand that time is money. Save both with Danfoss Telematics solutions.

Remote service advantages include

Multiple PLUS+1® controllers can be updated on a machine all at once

An entire fleet can be updated in a single operation

PLUS+1® product-to-product integration and data acquisition

Real-time parameter and software updates

Easier documentation