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We are the number one system provider across various applications

We are experts in digital industrial hydraulics

These intelligent, digital controls mean a digitally-enabled machine is highly controllable and extremely efficient. The net result is:

  • Radically lower energy losses (typically less than a third of swashplate machines)
  • Dramatically faster response (typically ten times faster)
  • Reduction of annoying, high-frequency noise

Related products

Case stories

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    ZPMC straddle carriers case story

    The electrification and automation of ports are receiving significant attention globally, with the majority of the largest ports in the world preparing or already implementing ambitious programs.

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    Perfect Match – MVB10 and PVG

    The combination of MVB10 Modular Valve Block with PVG16 and PVG32 valves gives you the tailor-made solutions that can match the increasing demands within the hydraulic controls market. The MVB10 is a modular system that enables you to create flexible hydraulic control solutions with standard components, ensuring the best speed to market is achieved with a high-quality product tailored to machine requirements.

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    Unlocking new machine maneuverability

    Farmers in vineyards or orchards often operate in very confined workspaces. Farmer-Entrepreneur Lorenzo Menghi uses the SAME Frutteto CVT with ActiveSteer, a specialty tractor that operates with Danfoss Power Solutions’ MultiAxis-Steer™ four-wheel electrohydraulic steering solution.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Kovaco Electric MiniZ; } else if (isBigColumns) { Kovaco Electric MiniZ } else { Kovaco Electric MiniZ }
    Kovaco Electric MiniZ

    European manufacturer Kovaco has a strong track record of developing products that push the limits of technology, efficiency and environmental performance. The company’s Kovaco Electric division provides sustainable solutions for the future, offering environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient products with high safety levels.

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    3ME Technology removing diesel and improving safety in underground mining

    The mining industry is increasingly turning to commercial vehicle electrification solutions for the machinery used during operations because of the performance and safety benefits they offer

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    Pioneering Intelligence - Digital Displacement® hydraulic pumps

    Active damping case story - improving control in off-highway and material handling machines


  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss receives planning approval for new UK Low-Carbon Innovation Center; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss receives planning approval for new UK Low-Carbon Innovation Center } else { Danfoss receives planning approval for new UK Low-Carbon Innovation Center }
    Danfoss receives planning approval for new UK Low-Carbon Innovation Center
    Wednesday, July 7, 2021

    Located in Edinburgh’s Shawfair Business Park, the £25 million Low-Carbon Innovation Center will be the first Danfoss building in the world to be operationally carbon-neutral. Danfoss teams will work on next-generation, climate-friendly technologies in hydraulics, digitalization and electrification.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss Editron and Digital Displacement® perfect match; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss Editron and Digital Displacement® perfect match } else { Danfoss Editron and Digital Displacement® perfect match }
    Zero-emission construction with Danfoss Editron and Digital Displacement®
    Friday, May 14, 2021

    By combining Danfoss Editron's industry-leading electric drivetrain systems with our innovative Digital Displacement® pump technology, we make electrification a commercially viable option for construction machinery and help the industry significantly reduce its CO2 emissions footprint.

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    Digital Displacement paves the way for an off-highway revolution
    Thursday, November 5, 2020

    From lab to market: Danfoss Digital Displacement technology is now being launched to cut fuel consumption in excavators by staggering numbers. This will have a global impact as we can save 40 million tons of CO2 – the energy use of 4.6 million homes for one year – by reducing waste heat in excavators.

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