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Our Renewables Team is here to support you

Improve the viability of renewable energy technologies with customized Danfoss power modules:
As a technology leader in customized power modules, Danfoss enables the world’s leading solar inverter and wind turbine manufacturers to deliver solutions that are designed to meet stringent efficiency, reliability and cost targets. 

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Engineering tomorrow’s power modules

Tailored to your needs

Typically, a power module is the most expensive part in any inverter. Based on your requirements, we offer optimized power modules in standard industrial housings with customized electrical circuits. In a close collaboration we will select your chip from a variety of different chip manufacturers as well as different chip technologies to meet your exact system requirements.

Meet our Renewables Experts

Optimizing efficiency with 3-level topologies 

Utilizing a 3-level inverter enables improved efficiency with better output quality. With our P3L power module we fit a complete 3-level topology consisting of all 4 switches and diodes needed for I-type NPC1 or T-Type NPC2 topologies - in one single module!

This design offers significant advantages in terms of reduced stray inductance. The commutation takes place inside the module, without the need for complex Busbar systems. For higher output power, multiple P3L modules can be paralleled.


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Renewable power electronics solutions

Leading the way in efficient solar and wind power conversion.

Improve the viability of renewable energy technologies with customized Danfoss power electronics. You win more reliability and reduce the cost of solar and wind power conversion, which ultimately lowers the cost of electricity.

Solar inverters

Optimizing efficiency for power conversion.

Today, Danfoss works together with some of the world's most innovative and successful solar inverter manufacturers with a common mission of lowering the cost of solar energy enabling a transition to a more sustainable future.

Wind power conversion

Harnessing the power of the wind.

The Danfoss power stacks reliably convert the kinetic energy from the wind turbine blades into a form that can be fed directly into the electrical power grid. This ensures that maximum energy is harvested from your wind turbine whilst offering durable and dependable  electricity supply.

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