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Our Industry Team is here to support you

We can help you optimize your power system. Our highly skilled and specialized Industry Team will work closely together with you to design power modules fitted specifically to your application. Keeping development time and overall costs down, we set you up with a solution making the most out of silicon (Si) or silicon carbide (SiC) to meet your performance targets. We call it: the power to trust!

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Meet our Industry Experts

Standard housings with flexibility

Danfoss works with a customer-specific approach based on a philosophy of dialogue and freedom. It allows us to give you a flexibility never before seen in the world of power modules. This means that we offer custom solutions in standard industry packages allowing for flexible configurations, including free choice of chip in standard housings to fit your specific application need.

Chip independency

All power modules from Danfoss are compatible with any type of semiconductor from any manufacturer of IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs. We offer both Si and SiC configurations and we can support your specific technology and performance targets. Danfoss is not tied to a particular manufacturer, which means we can accommodate both your first choice and your back-up provider in case of supply shortage.

Drawing on years of industry knowledge and expertise, we also help you identify the best possible chip for your application to ensure top performance and security of supply.

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