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Our Automotive Team is here to support you

Danfoss Silicon Power's business model is founded on a philosophy of dialogue and freedom. It allows us, to give you flexibility never seen in the world of power modules. Our highly skilled and specialized engineers work closely with you to design power modules for your specific drivetrain design, allowing you to scale your inverter design according to your specifications.

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Meet our Automotive Experts

Scalable within several power classes

The DCM™1000 technology platform is designed to be scalable. In the same package we can scale the power up or down to meet different BEV and HEV voltage classes. This allows you to go with the same mechanical design for power modules, while scaling your inverter to meet the different voltage and power classes used in the applications utilizing both Si and SiC power semiconductors


Combining winning technologies for higher performance

DCM™1000 technology platform is based on a string of patented technologies for bonding, joining, cooling and packaging, which in combination allow for higher junction temperature and more extreme temperature cycling. Whether your solution is Si or SiC based, it is possible to increase power density and fulfil the EV market’s requirement for higher output power and faster charging capabilities 

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