Decarbonization in action with Danfoss on June 9, 2022

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DI EE Solution Summit

Energy Efficiency Solutions Summit

On the occasion of IEA’s 7th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, the Energy Efficiency Solution Summit took place in Sønderborg, Denmark.

This year's Global Conference was the biggest yet, and it was a huge success for action on energy efficiency, security and climate.


Watch the opening session and sector panel debates on-demand

Site Visits

Experience decarbonization in action

Showing first-hand how decarbonization can reduce carbon emissions and make a real impact. Exclusive site visits were an essential part of the Energy Efficiency Solutions Summit program.

Energy Efficiency Solutions already exist across the globe. Imagine the potential when this is applied at scale.

Check out our whyEnergyEfficiency website to explore all the cases:


Energy Efficiency Program

The program

Energy Efficiency Solutions Summit program June 9th. In Sonderborg

Featured Speakers

Join key leaders from across our three business segments as they participate in panel discussions on the topics of decarbonizing buildings, industry, transport and sector integration. 

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