Why buy genuine parts?

The highest level of quality

You expect the highest level of quality and reliability from your equipment, so you can maximize productivity and drive higher performance to benefit your bottom line. The components and systems within your equipment play an important role your success. Inferior-quality parts may offer minimal cost savings up-front, but they can dramatically impact performance and endurance – leading to equipment breakdown or failure down the road. The result is increased downtime, a loss of productivity, and added costs. All of these factors contribute to increased total cost of ownership over the life of the part.

The advantages of Danfoss genuine parts

Component and system efficiency

Preventing failure or breakdown

Reduced noise pollution


Reduced inventory and expert support

Environmentally friendly

Increased system lifespan…by as much as 50%!

Power Solutions parts and service request form

Power Solutions parts and service request form

Request that your nearest Danfoss representative contact you for more information on parts, service, reman or more.