Supplier collaboration

Paperless collaboration

Danfoss Power Solutions has a global initiative for paperless collaboration with our suppliers. Our intent is for all Danfoss Power Solutions locations to communicate with our direct material suppliers using one of two methods. These methods include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or a web based tool called Supply Network Collaboration (SNC).

With this change to electronic communication, we will also be requiring all suppliers to provide Advance Shipping Notifications (ASNs) on every shipment. In the United States and where permitted by law, we will also require suppliers to switch to payment via ERS (Evaluated Receipts Settlement).

Danfoss Power Solutions has been doing EDI with our suppliers for several years. We encourage all suppliers capable of EDI who are not currently doing EDI with our company to contact for additional information.

For suppliers without EDI capabilities, we offer our SNC solution. To request a login and password or for additional questions, please contact