No more greasy hands when you change oil filters

Monday, July 1, 2019

Changing oil filters on pumps can be messy work.

Customers are never thrilled when oil spill ends up on the floor. A popular feature from the new generation of oil pumps - the Danfoss Diamond series - reduces filter change from a 10-minute smudgy task to a 45-second grease-free experience.

A smart cartridge filter gets the job done. You simply open the compartment in the top, take out the old and put in the new. 45 seconds is all it takes, which lends you more time to spend on other tasks.

Working with oil pumps can be much simpler than you might realize. We have updated our pump range with the new Diamond generation that ticks more boxes than just the easy filter change.

Oil pumps with extra armour

‘Oil burner applications have changed in recent years to be operated at higher pressures and in more compact environments, partly for noise reduction, but also for energy savings, resulting in tougher working conditions for the pumps e.g. high ambient temperature. This causes the oil to become thinner, resulting in lower lubrication ability, which challenges the performance of many traditional oil pumps. Danfoss Diamond service pumps are engineered with Diamond-Like Carbon technology which provides extraordinary robustness, durability and strength due to the combination of diamond hardness and carbon lubricity. The result is 10 times longer lifetime even in critical applications.

The extra durable Diamond Coil endures more than 5 times as many cycles in the crash test compared to previous service coils.

This means that the next time you replace a pump, you can get Diamond quality that reduces call backs from customers experiencing problems with pump durability.

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Service made easier

Remember, your oil burner needs the same attention as your car in order to perform at its best and must be serviced regularly, including replacement of components like nozzles, filters and coils. A well-adjusted oil burner is far more efficient and can save you up to 10% or even more in oil use. If soot builds up, the oil consumption will increase 2-4% per mm soot layer.

We have tried to make service a little easier for you as well, so you don’t have to use unnecessary time to find the right spare part. Go to the Burner Component Conversion Tool and get the right Danfoss product in seconds.

Features and benefits

• 10 times longer lifetime in critical applications e.g. in heavy loaded conditions
• Equipped with extra durable Diamond Coil
• Double warranty
• Mechanical shaft seal and no leakages which result in no oil smell
• 45 seconds change of oil filter

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