New: Digital Design Center – one entry point for all design needs

Friday, April 17, 2020

Design engineers, specifiers and consultants are under a constant pressure when looking or the best solutions for their designs and customers. To simplify their work and save time, we have developed a new online platform – Digital Design Center.

Digital Design Center provides users with all relevant design tools, BIM models, drawings, product information and knowledge content in a self-service and easy-to-access way. What is more, users are also able to get in touch with Danfoss experts to get their support.

• One entry point for all design needs
• Saves time and simplifies design work
• Provides the tools, models, support and knowledge as a self-service and easy to access

To meet their needs and requirements, design engineers can access four main building blocks inside the Digital Design Center – Toolbox, BIM & Assets, My Projects and Knowledge hub.

All design tools and configurators in one place

Inside the Toolbox there are online and offline tools and configurators to help select the right products in an easy and fast way. Some of the tools currently available are Heat  Selector, Danfoss HeatMAP, EvoFlat dimensioning tool, Hydronic balancing application guide and more.

Digital age of design engineering with BIM & Assets

We are taking design engineering into the digital age with BIM & Assets, as BIM visualizations are an effective way to explore, validate, and convey building design concepts. They are now the norm of many building projects.

Users can find BIM models, models and files in an intuitive way by being guided through the applications or with direct product search. All the files are available for the download and to store all the required documentation in one place.

Storage of all relevant project files and information

Inside My Projects, users will be able to store models, files, tools, articles and more in one place. This feature will simplify the storage by project since users won’t have to search for the materials again.

Main source of knowledge and industry insights

In Digital Design Center, designers will be able to find latest news, technical articles, case studies and a list of events and webinars.


Design engineers can now enter one platform and find all relevant information in one place. This will help them save time and result in better projects.