Learn under lockdown: Sign up for our cooling webinars

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Webinar - Working from home - Danfoss

Invest in yourself now, reap the rewards later

While the current global situation is concerning, there is a silver lining—people can invest in themselves, regroup, and prepare for a comeback later in the year.

We want to be part of your comeback, so we’re launching a series of webinars, live and on-demand, in English as well as local languages. Check out the details below.

Local webinars in local languages - Danfoss

Regional webinars in local languages

We’ve scheduled more than 200 webinars in over 14 languages in the coming weeks. You can see the full list of the webinars available in each country by clicking the links below:

Plans for webinars in additional countries and languages are underway, so check back often or follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

Access global cooling webinars on demand

We have two webinar hubs that give you an overview of how we support you out in the field and help you make the transition to sustainable refrigerants.

All global webinars are conducted in English.

Here’s how to sign up for our webinars

Joining one of our webinars is easy. You can do it in three steps:

  1. Click the link to the webinar you want to join
  2. Fill out the form with a few pieces of information to register
  3. Log in when the webinar starts (we’ll send you a reminder email)

You can also submit any questions you want to ask ahead of time. That helps us prepare our presenters, so they’re sure to answer it live.

Go beyond webinars

Waiting for your webinar to start? Just finished one and your hunger for knowledge still isn’t satisfied? You can find additional tools, resources, and eLessons on the Danfoss Cooling Learning page and at the Cooling United Support Hub.