Constant use of hydronic heating system by commercial building occupants continuously causes flow and differential pressure changes.

Without proper measurements, such systems suffer from uneven heat distribution, poor energy efficiency and are very difficult to commission.

By adding an actuator, the valves function as flow-limited control valves, automatically balancing the system and providing the best possible indoor comfort and energy efficiency. The commissioning of the system is a lot easier, all valves only need to be set to the design flow before the actuators are mounted.

Danfoss offers a broad range of pressure-independent balancing and control valves and matching actuators.

Features and benefits

Stable room temperature

Eliminating the overflow situations at partial load conditions has a significant effect on the stability of the room temperature

Improved indoor comfort

With the stable room temperature, the indoor comfort increases. Required temperatures are precisely met, increasing commercial building productivity, such as employees i the office employees or benefiting the experience of hotel guests.

Energy savings

The perfectly balanced system, under all conditions, increases the energy efficiency and leads to savings on energy costs.

Reduced maintenance costs

As the pressure-independent valves ensure perfect working conditions, the actuators mounted on them require fewer movements to keep the temperature stable. This increases the lifetime value of the actuators and reduces the maintenance costs.

Case studies

  • High-end climate solutions in Waldorf Astoria by Hilton, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Building: Hotel
    Application: Hydronic balancing and control for radiator heating and fan coil cooling
    Challenge: Establish top level comfort and minimum energy consumption for heating and cooling
    Solution: Fan-coil units for cooling; 8 heating risers and radiators equipped with Danfoss products.

  • HVAC control at Katowice business centre, Poland

    Katowice Business Centre is a modern office building where Danfoss hydronic balancing solutions are used; AB-QM™ balancing and control valves in combination with revolutionary NovoCon® actuators.

  • Energy comfort in Prime Tower, Zurich, Switzerland

    The Prime Tower in Zurich is a building of many records. With its 126 meters it is the tallest building in Switzerland with 36 floors and 40,000 square meters accommodating mostly offices. And with its more than 6,000 AB-QM valves it is also one of the biggest heating and cooling installations ever designed and installed by Danfoss.

  • SAMBA bank head office cuts energy use by 25% with AB-QM, Riyadh, UAE

    At the heart of the new King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh stands the impressive SAMBA head office. The 40-story building represents a landmark in sustainable architecture and engineering and forms an attractive work space for the 800 people working in the SAMBA Financial Group head office.

  • RIT
    Rochester Institute of Technology puts PICVs to the Test

    In hydronic HVAC systems made up of traditional balancing and control valves, system pressure is affected every time a valve changes its position. When the system pressure changes, the flow through all of the valves reacts and causes the amount of heat transfer through each device to also change.

  • Energy savings and optimal passenger comfort for a cruise ship

    Air-conditioning for passenger comfort is second to propulsion for using energy on a cruise ship and can account for 30-40% of fuel consumption which could be 50,000 tonnes of Bunker oil for a large cruise ship each year. The AB-QM, Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve, (PIBCV), can save 25-30% of HVAC energy costs compared to conventional distribution designs, equating to about US$1 million each year at today’s oil prices for a large modern cruise ship.

Related products

  • AB-QM™ Actuators

    To take advantage of the combined balancing and control features of Danfoss AB-QM it has to be equipped with actuators controlled by room thermostats or a Building Management System. Danfoss offers a broad range of actuators varying from thermal on-off, to digital actuators with bus communication.

  • Danfoss digital HVAC actuator NovoCon
    NovoCon® S Digital Actuator

    With NovoCon® S Danfoss revolutionizes the way hydronic balancing and HVAC control work together. The first of its kind digital HVAC actuators are directly connected with a Building Management System (BMS). This enables System Integrators to design state-of-art, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Product range

  • AB-QM™ Valves
    AB-QM™ Valves

    AB-QM™ Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves provide both a control functionality and dynamic balancing for HVAC heating and cooling systems. PICVs are designed for various types of terminal units and provide high indoor comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings.