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Pressure transmitters made from expert know-how

The extent of automation in both mobile and stationary applications is increasing dramatically. As the efficient management of machines and systems becomes more and more dependent on integral electronic controls, there will be an increasing demand for sensors and transmitters.

Danfoss has decades of experience in this development and has managed to follow the market needs both in relation to technologies and functions.

Today the Danfoss product program covers a broad selection of transmitter types which all combine the state of the art technologies with intelligent choice of material. This secures that we are able to tailor our range to almost any measuring task – at any budget.


Features and benefits

High EMC performance without impact on accuracy

High level of vibration and chock stability

Long term stability

High level of over-pressure stability

High IP degree

Wide choice of pressure connections, electrical connections, pressure ranges, output signal

Available with marine approvals

Highlighted products

  • Product photo CAN sensors DST P92C and T92C Danfoss with product logos
    CAN sensors DST P92C and T92C
    New Danfoss transmitters, DST P92C (pressure) and DST T92C (temperature) are now available with CAN interface. The two CAN transmitters offer professionals reliable, robust, and cost-effective solutions for mobile hydraulic machinery used in demanding applications.
  • Product photo of the CAN sensors type DST P92C by Danfoss
    CAN sensors - DST P92C
    DST P92C and T92C CAN and SAE J1939 transmitters are extremely robust, designed with excellent EMC properties and with high resistance to shock and vibration.
  • Product photo of the DST P40I pressure transmitter by Danfoss
    DST P40I titanium pressure transmitter for harsh environments
    For use in corrosive environments, Danfoss offers the new robust DST P40I pressure transmitter made of Titanium and with ceramic pressure sensing element. DST P40I is optimized for use in applications such as desalination systems, seawater cooling, and chemical processing.
  • Product photo of the DST P92S pressure transmitter by Danfoss
    DST P92S, pressure transmitter for SIL-2 applications
    Ensure functional safety in mobile hydraulic machinery with DST P92S SIL2 pressure sensors. When performance level d is required for safe work environments.
  • Product photo of the marine approved pressure transmitter type EMP 2 by Danfoss
    EMP 2, box-type marine approved pressure transmitter
    The high accuracy pressure transmitter EMP 2 is designed for monitoring and control in marine and industrial applications and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions. The flexible pressure transmitter programme covers absolute or gauge (relative) versions with zero and span adjustment with a 4 – 20 mA output signal.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Brochure CAN DST P92C and DST T92C English Multiple 29 Jun, 2018 687.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet EMP 2 Pressure transmitters English Multiple 28 Sep, 2018 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure Enhancing safety to improve performance (SIL2) English Multiple 336.3 KB .pdf
Data sheet High temperature pressure transmitters for heavy-duty applications MBS 2200 and MBS 2250 English Multiple 757.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 33M Pressure transmitter for marine applications English Multiple 07 Apr, 2020 827.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 4201, MBS 4251, MBS 4701 and MBS 4751 Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters English Multiple 30 Oct, 2020 541.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 4510 Pressure transmitters for industrial applications English Multiple 717.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 8200 & MBS 8250 Pressure Transmitter for Wind Turbine Applications English Multiple 26 Apr, 2018 553.1 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 8200 & MBS 8250 Pressure Transmitter Heavy Duty English Multiple 26 Apr, 2018 735.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 9200 Low Pressure Transmitter for Industrial Applications English Multiple 18 Dec, 2019 431.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet MBS 9300 Low Pressure Transmitter for Marine Applications English Multiple 30 Oct, 2020 339.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet OEM Pressure Transmitter for industrial applications Type MBS 1200 and MBS 1250 English Multiple 31 Jan, 2019 1.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet OEM Pressure Transmitters - Type MBS 1300 and MBS 1350 English Multiple 654.3 KB .pdf
Data sheet Pressure transmitter for air and water applications MBS 1900 English Multiple 633.7 KB .pdf
Brochure Pressure Transmitter Overview English Multiple 26 Feb, 2018 7.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet Pressure transmitter with flush diaphragm MBS 4010 English Multiple 552.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet Pressure transmitters for industrial applications type MBS 4500 English Multiple 599.1 KB .pdf
Data sheet Pressure transmitters for marine applications MBS 5100 & MBS 5150 English Multiple 962.0 KB .pdf



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