RX-C roof and gutter de-icing cables for commercial buildings

Danfoss RX-C cables for commercial roof and gutter de-icing

Commercial solutions for roof and gutter deicing

Danfoss RX-C roof and gutter de-icing self-regulating cables provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging commercial buildings, roofs, and gutters.

RX-C cables are available by the spool with your choice of length; either a 250 ft. or 1000 ft. spool, or cut to order by the foot.*

*Minimum order. Non-returnable.

Features and benefits

Reduce damage to roofs by efficient and free draining of melt water

Protects from the danger of falling ice from your roof

Compatible with virtually any type of roof construction

Typically installed in gutters, downspouts and on roof in problem areas

Commercial grade cable


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog Electric Heating Product Catalog VKAPA1022_2 English United States 13 Mar, 2019 2.5 MB .pdf
Brochure RX Roof and Gutter Cable Trifold Brochure English United States 20 Aug, 2017 1.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet RX-C Roof and Gutter Cable Datasheet English United States 31 May, 2016 270.8 KB .pdf
Installation guide RX-C Roof and Gutter Cable Installation Instructions English United States 28 Feb, 2018 1.9 MB .pdf
Data sheet RX-C Roof and Gutter Cable Specification Sheet English United States 18 Dec, 2008 25.0 KB .pdf

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