DP200 series

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This high-resolution monochrome series is a cost-effective alternative to analogue displays.

Features and benefits

Wide voltage range 9-63 Vdc

Plug and Perform®

‘Maxio’ additional 6 inputs

‘Dualcan’, including 2 CAN ports

‘Full’– including front USB port – front USB

J1939-based Engine Information Center software available


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet DP200 Series Displays Data Sheet English Multiple 19 Mar, 2018 491.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet DP200 Series Displays Data Sheet Japanese Japan 340.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet DP200 Series Displays Data Sheet Chinese (CN) China 572.0 KB .pdf
User guide DP2XX Series Displays Technical Information Manual English Multiple 19 Mar, 2018 2.9 MB .pdf
Brochure PLUS+1 Toolbox Brochure Chinese (CN) China 21 Mar, 2018 27.3 MB .pdf
Brochure PLUS+1 Toolbox Brochure English Multiple 26 Aug, 2018 23.3 MB .pdf

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