Torque generators

Reliable steering power assist

When your machinery needs reliable steering power assist, look to Danfoss torque generators. Featuring load sensing and power beyond capabilities, they provide powerful rotary motion with effortless manual rotary input.

  • Flow rate - 11 to 19 L/min (3 to 5 gal/min)
  • Output torque - up to 131 Nm (1,160 lb-in)
  • Application - small turf care, utility and on-highway vehicles

Improve operator comfort and vehicle performance

Danfoss Char-Lynn torque generators provide power assist for steering, eliminating the large hand wheels on gate valves, and provide powerful rotary motion with effortless manual rotary input on numerous other applications. Features include:

  • Up to 131 Nm (1,160 lb-in) output torque
  • Mechanically linked input and output shaft creates a direct mechanical connection between steering wheel and steered wheel, making it easy to upgrade mechanical steering systems and provide inexpensive power assist
  • Limited manual steering in the event of power loss

Meet the needs of changing vehicle designs

Danfoss torque generators offer a number of options that provide the design flexibility you need for evolving platform needs. Features include:

  • Open-center, closed-center and load-sensing system designs
  • Available with a gerotor or Geroler element; Geroler option minimizes friction and improves efficiency, offering longer service life
  • Power beyond and load-sensing capabilities
  • Open-center design with case drain option allows the exit flow to operate another function
  • Optional anti-friction needle bearing on output shaft enables direct-mount sprockets or pinions for applications that lack space for outboard bearings
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