SASA steering sensor

  • Overview


Rely on our sensors to pick up on the varying needs of your vehicle’s steering system.

Precision is never in question with our SASA sensor. Detecting the absolute position and speed of the steering wheel is important in variable steering ratio and closed loop set-ups where steering wheel position and steering angle have to match. Responding to the sensor’s CAN output signal, the steering characteristics of the steering system adapt to the variable steering ratio.

The sensor works perfectly with our PVED-CLS safety and steering controller, programmable PLUS+1® controllers and the entire Danfoss range of electrohydraulic steering components.

Features and benefits

Non-contact inductive principle, giving very high resolution < 0.1°

Robust design, resistant to electro-magnetic radiation

CAN output signal for easy interfacing with advanced vehicle controllers

Mounted between the steering unit and column, contributing to system compactness

Compact design

High safety

  • SASAIIC: “fail silent” concept
  • SASAIID: two output messages concept and PLUS+1® compliant