H1B counterbalance valve systems

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Take H1B to open circuit applications

Introducing a new counterbalance valve CBV for our family of H1B bent-axis motors, expanding the motor’s application to open-circuit systems. The new CBV enhances system performance by improving system efficiency, and features reduced pressure drop, integrated pressure relief valves, simplifying system integration and reducing time-to-market. 

Choose DN25A for 80 and 110cc H1B, DN32A for the 160cc, or DN32B for 210 and 250cc.

Features and benefits

  1. H1B + CBV: aligned designs and proven technology to generate the perfect match – with quick and easy installation
  2. Longer spool stroke, resulting in higher performance and smoother reaction
  3. Highly flexible and configurable due to the variety of spool and damping characteristics – this means precise and repeatable control – and optimized productivity
  4. Integrated brake release for the external brake and anti-cavitation valve – modularity enabling fast adaption and customization when needed
  5. Reduced pressure drop rates gives your machine increased efficiency and improved energy efficiency


Our counterbalance valves are ideal for a wide variety of systems:

  • Wheeled and crawler excavators
  • Crawler and truck cranes
  • Drilling and pipe-handling applications
  • Rotating attachments (e.g., rotary tiller)


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
User guide Counterbalance valve systems for H1B motors in open circuits technical information English Multiple 01 Apr, 2024 3.9 MB .pdf
Data sheet H1 160cc Bent Axis Variable Motor with Counterbalance Valve DN32A Data Sheet English Multiple 09 May, 2023 1.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet H1 210/250cc Bent Axis Variable Motor with Counterbalance Valve DN32B Data Sheet English Multiple 09 May, 2023 1.8 MB .pdf
Data sheet H1 80cc and 110cc Bent Axis Variable Motor with Counterbalance Valve DN25A Data Sheet English Multiple 22 Jan, 2024 3.0 MB .pdf

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